Kawasan Falls Closed – Under Renovation

We will update you when it is open again.
To all visitors who plans to visit Kawasan Falls please be advised that we are not yet sure on when will Kawasan Falls will be open again to the public. We must wait for the official notice from the local government. We will keep you posted as to the opening date.

New Notices will be posted here

One thought on “Kawasan Falls Closed – Under Renovation”

  • The falls is great, beautiful. But the tourism practices of the town is extremely bad.

    I saw a lady tourist scalped for $200.00 by some of the thugs, cum tourist guides, that haunt the falls.

    Everything is for sale, even the vinegar. And it was very expensive.

    And where can you find a Ps 100.00 parking fee?

    I will never go back there until the town has put in place tourism practices that are tourist friendly, not tourist thievery.

    And I shall continue to write against it until the town officials will learn how to run a tourist industry.

    Right now, it sucks reals bac.

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